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Most express surprise at the affordable price of this window cleaning service.  Not only that but also satisfaction with the end result.  All houses vary, but the window cleaning costs for a small to medium house inside and out will usually be around $80-$145.  Houses can vary depending on accessibility, height and style (eg. louvers and colonials take considerable longer to clean than flat large windows)

Having your windows cleaned makes your house feel fresh and new!


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Don't forget to book ahead for November, December and January.  These are busy months and it can be  the hardest time to find a window cleaner when you really need one.  Book ahead.  You can check the calendar for current availability, but don't leave it too late!  here...

Offices, Shops, Commercial Window Cleaning

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Yes I clean offices, shops, factories and commercial premises.  What does if cost?  Every shop, office and factory is different, so I will need to see the job to give you an accurate quote.

If your windows are large, don't think that the cost will be large, I use quality equipment that makes fast work of even the largest of windows!  Call me, I'll give you a quote!


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